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US Software Firm MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Investment Has Lacked



US Software Firm MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Investment Has Lacked

US Software Firm MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Investment Has Lacked


MicroStrategy firm, which took important steps in the mobile software and artificial business intelligence sector in the United States of America (USA), announced that it purchased 314 BTC for 10 Million USD today.

Explaining that he bought the bitcoins for 31,808 USD each, CEO Michael Saylor announced that they have 70,784 bitcoins since the last purchase. The dollar equivalent of the bitcoin they have is equivalent to 2 billion 300 million USD.

MicroStrategy, which made the first bitcoin purchase in August 2020, continued its BTC purchases as of September. MicroStrategy, which made a very good profit from Bitcoin investment, gained 1.1 Billion USD in return for its investment of 1.2 Billion USD.

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