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There is no life without the sun: and this is a general scientific fact.



There is no life without the sun: and this is a general scientific fact.

Modern people have learned not only to enjoy the sunshine and heat but also to use the energy of the sun, forcing the Sun to supply homes and businesses with electricity and heat.

Solar panels are an increasingly popular option for providing electricity to premises of various purposes. In countries where clear days dominate the calendar, solar panels can be found everywhere: on the roofs of high-rise buildings and private villas, greenhouses and industrial facilities. In recent years, these extremely useful solar devices have become widespread in the USA. Eco-friendly solar energy sources, batteries will allow you to create a power supply system that is autonomous from the central one.

No electricity? Regular power outages? You decided to move to wild places, but want to continue to fully enjoy the benefits of civilization? We have been solving all these issues efficiently and quickly since 2011.

Today “Elite Solar” is one of the leading companies of the USA in the solar energy industry.

The main activity of the company Elite Solar is the design, installation, and service of autonomous systems of solar power supply of houses, cottage villages, offices, and administrative buildings, stand-alone industrial and agricultural facilities. The company’s specialists carry out a full range of work – from monitoring the facility and the design of the solar power complex to installation and after-sales service of the equipment.

Elite Solar Company supplies the US market with innovative, energy-saving solar solutions that don’t adversely affect the environment and human health. Solar power systems are offered at low prices and are manufactured according to international quality standards and have the appropriate certificates.

We offer individual types of solar equipment and integrated solar energy solutions. In our assortment, you will find the whole range of equipment focused on solving problems of uninterrupted solar power supply and solar energy reservation.

Elite Solar Company provides live energy for your home!


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