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The Best Way to Clean an Area Rug – 2020



I need to show the simplest manner I have located to smooth area rugs and the best information is

while we first looked at our farmhouse considered one of our fellow vintage-domestic lover pals got here to respect the vicinity. The carpet turned into DISGUSTING, sure, I just yelled that.

There were so many puppy stains that I wouldn’t let them youngsters take their shoes off.  but, as soon as I grew to become my lower back they began rolling throughout the floor. I suppose i might have flipped out on them at that point.

however, once our buddy took out his knife and pulled up the corner of that nasty carpet to show original tough wooden flooring, I stuck the vision.

We spent that first fourth of July tearing out that horrible carpet and pulling staples until our hands blistered.

once the hardwoods have been restored, the residence was surprisingly echoey and we set out to discover a few region rugs.

This labored nicely to quiet our house and cleansing hardwoods became tons less complicated than carpets, however, I still needed to find a proper way to easy the vicinity rugs from time to time.

subsequently, I settled on the below method. . .

Frequently Asked Questions

Check your weather forecast and make sure you have at least 3 days of sunshine.

Start by giving the rug a good vacuum.

Spot treat any stains.

Roll the rug up and carry outside.

Place on a plastic (preferably) table and unroll it.

Soak the fibers with a garden hose.

Then, using some dish soap and hot water, begin to scrub the rug in sections.

Rinse with the hose water until the water runs clear.

Let the rug dry for 3 days and place on a clothes line or dry rack on the last day if the rug is small enough.

For maintenance throughout the year, I recommend Kids and Pets for spot treament. It’s been my favorite for the last 16 years and it smells divine.

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