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Solar energy is one of the most promising and rapidly developing segments of alternative energy



Solar energy is one of the most promising and rapidly developing segments of alternative energy.

This is a renewable, almost inexhaustible resource that allows you to generate completely environmentally friendly electricity without any damage and residual effects on the environment.

Solar panels (other common definitions and names are photovoltaic modules, solar module) are the most important part of any solar (photovoltaic) installation, they act as a source of electrical current, which is obtained by converting solar radiation falling on a plate in electricity.  The main advantages of using solar cells are due to their design features: they are distinguished by high reliability, stability of electrical parameters, and the absence of moving parts in their composition makes them durable while minimizing maintenance costs.

Elite Solar Company debuted in 2011, provides solar solutions to companies and apartments where the use of solar batteries as an additional source of energy is justified. Solar panels are excellent for providing electric energy to country houses and cottages. They are recommended to be installed on mobile homes, as well as buildings located away from power lines.

Technical experts of Elite Solar Company offer comprehensive solutions to reduce the cost of heating. We offer our services at all stages – from design services to technical supply needed for solar energy solution systems.

Elite Solar Company is focused on development and investment in the market of solar energy solutions. Our goal is the widespread and ubiquitous distribution of efficient and advanced solar energy use principles. We want society to be friendlier to our common home – planet Earth. We position ourselves as a socially responsible company, make a feasible contribution to the care and friendly attitude to the environment, introducing and promoting environmentally friendly and safe technologies and offer solar energy solutions.

From the moment of its foundation, Elite Solar has been and remains focused primarily on producing solar energy systems.

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