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Our social media management makes you as relevant as possible to your key buying audiences

Managing your online presence is a full-time job. Let our team of social media management experts take the charge, increase user engagement, and foster relationships that will fill your sales funnel and add measurable value to your bottom line.
Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer unparalleled marketing advantages to businesses of all sizes. However, many businesses have a hard time translating their marketing efforts into real, tangible ROI for two primary reasons:

They lack the experience, insight, and skills required for effective social media management.
They simply do not have time to consistently publish quality content and engage with their audiences.
So, is there any simpler, less time-consuming way to engage the online community, increase brand awareness, and earn more revenue through social media?
Yes, there is.
True North Social, a leading social media management agency provides you affordable yet value-adding social media management packages that will take social media off your ‘to-do’ list, allowing you more time to focus on what you do the best.

“We Manage All Major Social Media Platforms That Matter!”


Social media platforms offer you an excellent opportunity to deepen your ties in the community and convert more of your audiences into customers. But when it comes to social media managementit pays to be strategic!

True North Social, one of the top social media management companies in DALLAS – DFW, helps you select the right social platforms that fit your buyer persona. From Facebook and Twitter to Yelp, TripAdvisor, and FourSquare, we manage your presence on the social media platforms that your customers actually care about!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Our approach is customized, so once you make a purchase we’ll be sending over a brief questionnaire where you’ll be providing us with the information we need to help you succeed. Then we’ll get in touch via messenger to let you know what the next steps will be.
Do I need to provide you with images or information to write up my company’s social media page description?
No need; we’ll source them from your company’s current web page. If you don’t have any images, we’ll be using stock photos. Alternatively, should you have specific images or text that you’d like us to use, just send it over and we’ll be happy to use them.
What if I already have an existing Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest account?
That’s great! If you’re interested in the Social Media Starter Kit, we’ll take care of assessing and revamping your page. If you’re interested in the Social Media Management or the Social Ads Management packages, we’ll manage your pages/ads for you as well as all handle all the inclusions with your chosen package.
What if I need support?

Online support is available through live chat, as well as email from 9AM-5PM EST, Mondays through Fridays. This helps keep our prices low. Should you need assistance outside of these hours, just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible during regular business hours.

What if I wish to cancel my service?
There are no contracts, which means that you can cancel your subscription anytime. Just log into your dashboard, then request a cancellation.
Are your social media marketing services tailored for startups or big or small businesses?
Businesses both big and small require a strong social media presence to succeed. We support businesses of all sizes and help you maintain a professional, consistent presence on social media. We have individual packages for do-it-yourself users, as well as fully-managed packages for busy owners who prefer that we take care of everything.
How do I access my newly created social media pages?
We’ll be sending you a message with full instructions and your login details.
What kind of content do you post with your managed services?
A strategic, carefully curated mix of content: educational articles, news, inspirational, and promotional content that inspires engagement from your followers.
Who is going to work on my account?
A highly-specialized social media manager with years of experience. A dedicated account manager will also be selected for you, one with experience working in industries similar to yours. They will be your main point of contact and will work with you to continuously grow your business on social media.
How do I pay, and what payment types to you offer?
The one-off packages will be charged via credit card payments upfront. Recurring payments for the Social Media Management and Social Ads Management packages will be charged monthly on the same date you signed up. This is another reason why we can offer you more affordable packages than the competition – automation means less time and resources spent on accounting and account management.
Are there additional fees?
There are no hidden fees. The corresponding price for each package is exactly what you’ll be paying.