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Question: Why are Persian rugs so expensive

Question: Why are Persian rugs so expensive

Quality Materials

Another cause that Persian rugs may be so steeply-priced is the satisfaction of the substances used. Persian rugs are normally crafted from herbal plant or animal fibers, along with silk, wool, cotton, jute, and sisal. these fibers ultimate a great deal longer than synthetic fibers, stay smooth simpler, don’t generally tend to fade as speedy and are typically better for the air pleasant in the room. In fact, man-made substances like nylon, acrylic, and viscose, had been shown to increase issues with allergies.

because herbal fibers can’t be controlled the manner synthetic fibers can be, this additional method that every and each Persian rug will be a unique introduction. No two rugs can look exactly alike because the herbal fiber will constantly have discrepancies in the coloring.



Persian rugs have been in existence for over 2,500 years. During that time, these rugs have become a type of art that reflects the Persian culture and history. Authentic Persian rugs are hand-made, so each one is a masterpiece created by an artist who uses traditional motifs and scenes to express their own culture. When buying a Persian rug, you are buying the equivalent of a beautiful painting or a sculpture.

Persian rugs are made of thousands of tiny knots, all done by hand. The images and designs you see on the rugs are created solely through the placement of knots in colored threads, in specific patterns. Most Persian designs contain curved designs, and curved-design weaving is considered to be much more difficult to achieve well than simple geometric patterns. The knot work is considered a craft that few can master. Getting knots to be dense and lush, while still maintaining the pattern, is a difficult goal to accomplish. The more knots the weaver can get into each square inch, the clearer and more beautiful the image will be, so buying a rug from a master weaver, who can charge more, means getting a more beautiful rug.

There are a few other things that can make one Persian rug more expensive than another. For example, if a Persian rug is much older, but in great condition, this is treated more like a rare piece of preserved art, and can be very pricey. The country the rug comes from is another important factor in determining its worth. Turkish rugs have more value than a Persian rug made in India, for example. Finding the perfect Persian rug is like hunting for a signature masterpiece, so be sure to take your time as you navigate the market for these dazzling home décor items.

There are so many decorating uses for Persian rugs, it boggles the mind. Maybe you have a grand entry that needs a grand statement or a room that needs an accent piece. Antique Persian rugs are the perfect complement to go under an antique table. Possibly you have a small space that could use some color and definition. Shopping for the perfect fit feels like a treasure hunt and when you find the one that feels right, it is very satisfying.

Machine made rugs wear out. In contrast, Persian rugs are heirloom pieces to pass down to your children and known to last for generations. These hand-knotted rugs are very durable pieces of art and usually increase in value over time.

No two are exactly alike. Some are like pictures that you hang on the wall and others have intricate designs and borders. You will never get bored looking at all the patterns. Each designer, weaver, and location have their distinguishing features.

You understand the quality of materials and dyes. You can illustrate the difference between weft and warp. You appreciate the different types of fibers and knots.

The original purpose of rugs was for comfort. Their dense fibers stay warm. If your feet get cold when they step on cold floors, a hand-knotted wool rug is a perfect solution. The fibers also trap the vibrations of sound from reverberating off walls and hard floors. Persian rugs are the ultimate in high-quality comfort without compromising style.

There is no need to worry about trends. People have been collecting and using Persian rugs for over a millennium. There is no indication that people are going to stop. Just like there is no such thing as too many diamonds, there is no such thing as too many Persian rugs

Persian Rugs are an icon for distinguished taste. Every continent and every era has a product they are known for. The Ming dynasty is known for vases and the American Southwest Indians are known for their silverwork. Tribes in Iran are famous for their hand-knotted textiles. The reasons to buy an authentic, hand-knotted Persian rug are varied as the rugs themselves. Their versatility in design, function, and color are what makes them so special. Persian rugs can expensive, opulent, and extravagant, but they can also be affordable, practical, and durable.

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