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Google’s Latest Update BERT



Google’s Latest Update BERT

Clearer and more explanatory texts about the search will be shown in the snippet fields that stand out in the search results made after the BERT update.

What will be the effect of BERT algorithm in search results?

The difference in the results of the same search will be noticeably different. With BERT, the most relevant information and sales page will be presented to the user looking for products in the search engine. Websites that produce more niche and detailed content seem to benefit from this update positively.

Another important point is to use a “long-tail keyword”. This is a very important detail in order to be at the top of determinative searches rather than short and general use. Long-tail keywords help natural language processing understand search content and purpose.

Remember, online searches with clearly used words bring you together with the more relevant user. Thus, your conversion and aspect ratio increases. For example, the search for ‘women’s winter dress models’ is in a clearer frame than the search for ‘winter dress’. The search can become clearer with new words such as color, model, fabric that will come to the beginning and end of this search through BERT.

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