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Counter Strike, One of the Most Played Games, Will Offer Bitcoin Award to Users!



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Counter-Strike, One of the Most Played Games, Will Offer Bitcoin Award to Users!

After the world gradually entered digital life, crypto coins started to affect all sectors.

Finally, cryptocurrencies are also included in Counter-Strike, one of the most famous games in the online gaming world. Games such as The Sandbox and Axie Infinity, which were at the forefront of crypto money games, continue to be under the influence of technology in the market.

It also contributes and approves the development of the digital world in the add-ons it has put for unchangeable tokens, namely NFTs, on the servers of the Minecraft game. ZEBEDEE, one of the leading venture companies, will allow its users to win awards in the form of Bitcoin satoshi this week, within the scope of their development and performance in the game.

To Simon Cowel, founding CEO of ZEBEDEE company; They announced that they are included in the blockchain for the Bitcoin award-winning game and are well received by these users and want to expand their capacity in a short time.

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