Friday, July 10

Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company Dallas.

High-quality cleaning of oriental rugs at home is done by professionals of Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company Dallas. If you do not want to spoil the rug, contact Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company! We clean and repair oriental rugs: our service is quite accessible to customers even with a small budget. Do not waste time and effort on what our specialists will do quickly and with high quality! Remember that unsuccessful amateur cleaning can permanently spoil the carpet.

We deliberately support low prices focusing on the budget. Our mission is to carry cleanliness and safety for health in the homes and offices of Dallas. We offer affordable services of excellent quality.

The customer has the opportunity to choose the desired option and order an oriental rug cleaning and repair right in the apartment. Clients can choose the most convenient day and time of arrival of specialists.

We have a trained, decent and hardworking staff. Efficient equipment and detergents guarantee high-quality carpet cleaning.

When placing an order, we inform the client in detail about how the carpet will be cleaned. It will be carefully and thoroughly cleaned in compliance with all technological requirements. The company’s staff owns all the technologies of manual and machine-dry cleaning of carpets. Cleaning of rugs is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the manufacturer, indicated on the product labeling.

Complex processing will return the original look and color brightness of the rug. Your rug will be relieved from dust and unpleasant smell. Such care extends the service life of carpets and meets the sanitary and hygienic standards of carpet products in residential and office premises.

Have you decided to pass the rug to cleaning? Contact Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company Dallas! We offer you reasonable prices, friendly service, compliance of carpet cleaning to domestic and international standards.

We have become a well-known cleaning company in Dallas with positive reviews, regular and expanding list of relevant clients.

Call now and we will agree on the time of visiting employees!


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