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And this is their homes and indeed i knew saying how



And this is their homes and indeed I knew to say how

actually in our carry around and you knew they really I make and it’s not I mean

a to the past is they can use to clean this bread in particular

and the that

and you can do

when we first under for our house get with a goal apple ii in an old rent opened in carpenters does caffeine

so with his dog what’s in the poor nurse and we had to put the car bits and

she’s the store they would force and actually when I did discover that there were an original with forms for nineteen

a hand or that possible carbon that was a huge selling clean for meat so i

I had that been forward with it but we, not that carpet with at least

and once we gave me a story I would for the house

I was very we in a kid you have lived in a new house that area rights I’m talking

yeah so we’re starting to

not for every reads enable before

and then as a time when and they became an issue huge with floors more too hard to weekly in about the car but see their ears gabby to be planed

and it’s not a leaf and in the car better we had carpet

all of them would have the professional compare six months like this day and have them down

last with this team and water going down through the virus pulling

the body

not didn’t even for sure that there is no way

again all get out from energy will your car faces on this work with very you

come to that so i could do and to that so they’re method

this is revealed call will

you the rug then start to let you grow with that and i actually get power science of him plaques it

people have a couple band by tables network will often it I was that things up oneness man for at least speeds

the sunshine which for as this stuff in fact so I made my area

each and they i felt here is this session a fact of mapping

so when they get gold out i was then you get the dark holes and in stage

back discipline and regression work infections [COUGH] to who affection affectionate

graph up the rat there as you’re going to see the dirt listen up on the fibers in comes out in one of keeps probably [UM] and tell you get water and if you’ve ever done handwashing you see this

the fact so often had my bike to get to disease and

I do not have found water and it’s the need you believe it so ~~~~~~~ it always the that

we will

and I had was them and that is the best way to get them that too

after right and they look at handwashing and with area red clean is that

you’ve got to get that water and still going through the facts of this is your under your average you’ve got to get the species

and the war room and then from those fight and you’re looking at this and ground in Washington to which

the kind of works and you copies professional and we know that

don’t get area red house guy in really worked with guards and so the wire

you can truly get at the war emotion coming from both sites so I’m leaving the top

and then i need to follow that over and i do the same thing on the back you know sometimes exchange there are settling on the backside

they need is to leave them our first three decks so that’s a pre in his brand making and get spring

the banking and i don’t see it or anything that last the verge eight years it is linked there he used to

and how the years that you might really love I have lived this last

fifty years if your kids are packed I suggest kids and have here I met this smells and

is the best steam and over remove that i had no leaking growth model that you get me nets HomeLink back low

it’s an time is your times you geek logic which

I do you get the bulk of my work and never have declaring print

all that might be hansel for you

this does have discovered in that i used as a come to my house it’s based us the were

and so it simplifies all that process is that you’re going through good declarer and I started on

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